Worldwide Internet TV
Internet & Satellite TV
 Overseas Satellite and Digital Media Service.
Worldwide "German - European, US Television channels" can be received through our services!
YES -With a Broadband-Internet connection you can watch any TV channel from the US or Europe anywhere on this globe.
For more information, please click International TV, German TV or US Internet TV in the left Column.
Placing a Linker, Sling or Digizon unit after any Off Air, Cable or Satellite channels at the place of reception,
will allow worldwide viewing via the Internet on your Laptop, PC or directly at your Television set.
Internet Television Worldwide.
How does it work !
From our " Internet TV Worldwide " operation " ITV ". (Internet TV), a potential customer worldwide is purchasing through "Pay Pal"
Video Internet interfacing devices.
The equipment will be owned by the customer and after 14 month of service,
 the customer can request that the equipment to be returned to his or her residence for a additional shipping charge.

We have two options available.
Option # 1
A  Linker system for $199.00
with a monthly service charge of $ 59.95

Option # 2
A Free Linker unit with NO upfront cost.
 and $ 89.95 commitment for 14 month is required.
These charges are for Linker systems only.
Both versions receive 30 US channels.

All charges will be collected via Pay-Pal. The monthly service charges will cover the Service, Internet connection and space rental for the equipment's.
All other systems will be quoted individually. Please request per E-mail Thank you.

After our customer purchased the equipments, " ITV " will inform the customer by E-mail to download the
 FREE - Digizon, Linker or Sling Media Player. With a MAC Computer only a Sling Media Player Service is possible.
Finders number, User ID and Password will be issued via E-Mail. In addition, the customer will receive the serial numbers for his equipments.
Please make curtain to download the correct player !!
The customer must have a Internet connection like DSL or Cable with a minimum download speed of 600kbps.
 ( Dial up will  be insufficient to receive a satisfying signal )
If you need help ?
 Please click the "Team viewer" Help Button and download
 and install software on your computer. We are than able to install the system on your computer for Free.
To purchase your system by clicking on the secures Pay Pal site.
Pay Pal Purchase and SUBSCRIPTION-Service are handled separately, please return to this page to enter both requests
Please purchase your Linker-system                      $ 199.00
Monthly SUBSCRIPTION Service. FREE equipment!  $   89.95
Monthly SUBSCRIPTION Service.                            $   59.95
Please use the secure Pay Pal buttons.

   Thank You
For more information please call (508) 399-1170