Worldwide Internet TV
EZAIR plans to change forever the way many people watch TV
By redefining the interaction of the laptop and the TV, this exciting global brand brings together the leading components of the industry: CONTENT-TECHNOLOGY-SERVICE, into the ultimate winning formula for the consumer.
"Industry experts project that within five years; more than half of all movies, TV shows, and videos will be viewed on a PC!"
At EZair, we recognize the ever-changing entertainment viewing landscape, and are continuously developing our products to fill in the gaps and be ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation!
EZair is a global leading brand of wireless USB, home and office, adapters that allows users to stream crystal clear HD audio and video content from their laptop or PC to any HDTV, projector or audio surround system – without having to deal with multiple wires, cable-length limitations, and data transmission failure.
What We Do for You
We understand what tremendous entertainment resources the Internet and computers have become and we have worked hard to create easy to use, plug-and-play solutions so that you can enjoy your laptop/PC content on any HDTV and high quality speakers, quickly and easily.
Our Benefits
All of our products are wireless and extremely easy to set-up and use.
There is no complex wiring to figure out, no cable clutter to try and hide.
Our wireless products are truly “no cables, no hassles.”
You simply plug them in, follow the quick set-up instructions (one time) and enjoy a revolutionary wireless entertainment experience in no time!
Our Commitment
When you buy an EZair product you are selecting a brand that is dedicated to meeting your needs and providing you with superior products, superior service, and most of all - easiness and excitement! Your satisfaction is our #1 priority!
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