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YES -With a Broadband-Internet connection you can watch any TV channel from the US or Europe anywhere on this globe.
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Placing a Linker, Sling or Digizon unit after any Off Air, Cable or Satellite channels at the place of reception,
will allow worldwide viewing via the Internet on your Laptop, PC or directly at your Television set.
Life is all about people. To improve people’s life by creating versatility for their TV viewing experience and help adding a little bit more flexibility is the original idea of Internet TV
Founded by a group of H.264 compression and streaming as well as embedded system specialists, DMC and Overseas Satellite Services, have realized how large the changes people have been experiencing through the most dynamic lifestyle ever — people are always on a move. TV viewing nowadays does not always happen in one’s family room. It could often take place in the airport or in a high-speed train, in the hotel or in an apartment where people stay out there for a long trip to overseas or studying, or when at a break of your friend’s wedding in Mallorca. The way of TV viewing will be changed by today’s technology. With Internet, you could easily access to your home town’s TV programs even when you are thousands miles away from home. Just a click on your laptop computer or a handy PDA mobile phone you are as if you were sitting at home watching your favorite TV shows. The invention of Digizon, Panarex, Sling Media, is by utilizing the Advanced Video Coding format H.264 video compression technology which amazingly transmits brilliant DVD quality video at a relatively low bandwidth.


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